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DM:U33 Baby Got Back

We’re looking at cards with the shield energy type: we kick off with a quiz and then discuss what makes a shield, before putting forward our contenders for shieldiest shield – no prizes for guessing James’ favourite. We then reveal some latest Dark Phoenix spoilers (spoiler: more shields) before whetting your appetite for the next Dice Fight XL online tournament.


00:54 Shield Quiz

41:55 Shieldiest Shield Chat

Adventures with the Bard 1

Adventures with the Bard 2

50:03 Spoilers!

Our comprehensive Dark Phoenix spoilers page

I’ll add the spoilers from this episode in about 24 hours.  In the meantime, here’s the video

56:53 AoB – Dice Fight and Dice Fight XL

Save the date: Saturday 14th August. More details soon!

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