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These are the most common formats in the Thursday night Dice Fight. I used to make a fresh blog for each new event (as you can see below), but I’ve now begun a collection of generic ‘Format’ blog posts, which I can reference from the main Dice Fight calendar each time we play that format. Over time, this list will grow 🙂

Format: Couples

Team Building Rules You team should consist of 4 romantic couples. If you need a bit of inspiration, there are ...
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Format: 5x5x5

Team Building Rules This format was originally run by DM North in their Team of the Month. You are allowed ...
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Format: Necro War!

Team Building Rules This format was summoned from the Netherworld by the mighty Jayson Lucero. It is a Modern format, ...
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Format: Ten Cards, Ten Sets

Team Building Rules In the lead up to Worlds 2019, Wizkids introduced several new official formats, one of which was ...
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The Orange Ban List

To help you identify how competitive each Dice Fight event is, we use a traffic light system: 🍏 green is ...
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Format: Strictly Silver

Team Building Rules The card pool available for 'Strictly Silver' is everything from Green Arrow and The Flash up to ...
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Format: Legacy

Team Building Rules Dice Fight Legacy is a Golden event - anything goes, except what's on the ban list.It is ...
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Format: Single Energy

Team Building Rules All cards on your team (except BACs) must be the same energy type. Crossover characters and generic ...
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Format: Silver Age

Team Building Rules The card pool available for 'Silver Age' is everything from Green Arrow and The Flash onwards (sadly, ...
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And here is a list of all the Dice Fight formats to date, with links to the relevant blogs. I hope this will help you to create events of your own – feel free to copy and paste 🙂 And to kickstart your brewing, many of the blogs also have a list of the teams that took part.

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