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Proxy Dice

Because we know that not everyone has all the dice and cards, and we absolutely encourage creativity, proxies are always allowed in our Dice Fight events, under the following conditions:

1. Cards may be proxied freely, as your opponent will always have access to your Dice Coalition Team Builder link, which provides all the information they need, without having to squint at your online cards. As a bare minimum, though, you should have clear placeholders for any proxied cards on your mat. 

2. Dice must match the energy type and stats of the card you are using. Colours and symbols need not match. For example, you can use AvX Black Widow dice to supplement (or replace) AI Black Widow dice, and either set’s dice could be used with Black Widow: Agent. You could also happily use any bolt action die to stand in for Yawning Portal.

Peter Ježko, The Mighty Hedgehog himself, created a fantastic tool to help you find suitable stand-ins (‘proxies’) for dice you don’t have, and has kindly permitted us to embed it here. You can find the original at