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The Meta Chronicle

In August 2020, James started a series of videos in which he interviewed the winners (and sometimes runners-up) of major tournaments about their teams. It was intended as a chronicle of the changing Modern meta. Then the pandemic hit, and shipping delays have meant that no sets have since been added to the Modern roster. Understandably, Wizkids then skipped rotation in 2021 and so the 2020 Modern meta has been frozen in time for longer than anyone could have imagined. On the bright side, this does allow us to present an up-to-date and exhaustive overview of the Meta that time forgot!

Since the last rotation, our weekly online tournament – Dice Fight – has held quite a few fully Modern tournaments; inspired by @Dalthoraz’s request in the DM Discord, I’ve compiled all the team lists into a big spreadsheet. I’ve also marked the top 5 teams in each event, and tried to identify their wincons. The attendance was lower in some events than others, so a few interesting teams have slipped into the top 5s, but it’s pretty clear that the existing Meta Chronicle videos below cover most of the bases. So here it is – check it out while we’re waiting for the new stuff to drop (click on the blue links to see the teams).

The Videos