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RIP Spider-Pig

In early 2019, a Superior Spider-Man Team-Up campaign box and Spider-verse team pack were added to the Wizkids’ solicits page, and we all got quite excited.

…whether you’re a fan of Heroes for Hire or Cloak and Dagger there’s something here for you. Spidey’s strongest friends are ready to Recruit some assistance against the forces of evil! Some of Spider-Man’s most dangerous foes show up too, including characters never-before-seen in Dice Masters like Gorgon, and Typhoid Mary! The Spider-Verse Team Pack features fan-favorite versions of Spider-Man never-before-seen in Dice Masters like Spider-Man Noir, Leopardon, and Spider-Ham. 

Wizkids’ Product Description

Later that year (in June), at Origins, Wizkids showed us some very tasty cards, including the legendary Hellblazer reincarnated as Aunt May (‘Mayblazer’), and what looked suspiciously like a reprint of the Iron Fist: The Immortal promo:

Sadly, the product was repeatedly pushed back from its original release date of September 2019, and then Covid came, and all bets were off. Eventually, as with the second Warhammer set, Spidey vanished from the solicits page altogether, and we all cried.

Fast forward to September 2020, and the lovely people at DM North were lucky enough to receive some promos in the mail, two of which looked a lot like they’d been recycled from the Ultimate Spider-Man set:

Finally, in October, Jimmy Darwin O’Brien took to Facebook to officially confirm what, in our hearts of hearts, we’d already known for some time:

RIP Spider-Pig, you were gone too soon 😢 But maybe we can retrieve some semblance of hope from this debacle: it’s unlikely that Wizkids will let good art and abilities go to waste, so perhaps they will recycle more stuff, as they did with the promos (Mayblazer and Spider-Ham, please 🤞). Till then, the only Superior Team-Up we have is this one, from Infinity Gauntlet:

UPDATE 30/01/21

I got so excited about all this Spider stuff that I decided to make a video! It’s mostly about what characters might have appeared in the campaign box and team pack, but also about Wizkids’ new Play At Home Kits:

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