Dice Mats

These beautiful mats are the work of our very own Peter and Spug, the most excellent Lonni Wilson, newcomer Jac, and the original gangster himself, Glen Bodor. Once you’ve found one you like, click on the links at the bottom of the page for high-res printable versions. (If you’d like to design your own, there are also links to Glen and Lonni’s templates). The creators offer these mats to the community free of charge – they are not intended to be sold or used for any other commercial purpose.

Peter’s Mats

Lonni’s Mats

Lonni’s Logo Mats

Glen’s Mats

Jac’s Mats

Spug’s Mat


You can download high-res printable versions of each of the above mats from the following links (in many cases there are multiple versions of each mat, with the Used Pile in both the wrong and the right place 😉 ):

If you’d prefer to have a go at designing your own mat, Glen has very kindly made his original templates available for download, and Lonni has also shared his new 5+5 template:

We have had good results printing at the following stores. The size is 24″ x 14″ / 600mm x 350mm, and we recommend stitched edges.

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David Gobart

Do you make any Legendary mats


Good work, everyone.