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Dice Masters: United is a project which brings together four content producers and players of this wonderful game:


James Blore, a.k.a. jacquesblondes, was born and raised in the UK, but has lived for almost 20 years in Slovakia, where he owns a small language school. He was 2017 Central European Dice Masters Champion and placed second in the 2019 European Open. He is the cofounder of Dice Masters with James and Zack, the organiser of the Thursday night Dice Fight and the author of numerous How To Play guides. When not playing Dice Masters, he enjoys playing medium-weight euros with his daughter, Izzy.


London-based Spug has been a Dice Masters regular since the heady days of AvX. He describes himself as a distinctly mediocre player, but the dice gods smiled upon him in 2018, when he was somehow able to win the Central European Nats in Bratislava, and again in 2019, when he won the (unofficial) UK Nats. A journalist by trade, he can usually be found arguing with his podmates about the use of hyphens. When not doing dicey things, he might be spotted supporting his local rugby team or watching a geeky film.


Peter is from Amsterdam. He got into Dice Masters in 2016, but it was the 2018 Central European Nats that really awakened his competitive side. He ran a couple of tournaments in 2019 in the Netherlands, and then won the 2019 European Open in Bratislava. When not playing Dice Masters, he enjoys collecting T-shirts (amongst other things), playing other board games, kickboxing and designing Dice Masters playmats, and was very proud to see both finalists at 2019 Worlds playing on mats he designed.


Ben is apparently trying to be a modern day Zheng He, and declined to write a more expansive bio. Make of that what you will.