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Custom Cards

We have two kinds of custom cards for your delectation: the spectacular Stu Dickson takes Wizkids’ ‘blank-art’ promos and turns them into the amazing works of art you see below. Bodi’s cards, meanwhile, use gorgeous comic art and his own card template to redesign classic cards and flesh out existing affiliations with a host of new members.

Stu’s Cards

Many of these cards were produced to support community-organised events, such as the MoDPDMs and One Big Weekends. If you’re interested in prizing for a DM event, or a commission for yourself, you can contact Stu through his Facebook page or write to @StuART on the DM Discord server (he does have a limited number of blank cards, though, and presumably a limited amount of time!).

Bodi’s Cards

Bodi has used existing dice for his custom cards, so you can actually use these cards at home! If you’re not sure what they are, type the stats into ProxyDice and it will tell you 🙂 So for James Kim, for example, you type in 145 156 266, and you’ll quickly see that the dice you need are from the War of Light character Spectre.

Red Lanterns

Black Lanterns

Orange Lanterns