Sets and Spoilers

This page is all about sets, past, present and future! Scroll down for a review of the most recent Infinity Gauntlet set, and two retrospectives of sets that were never to be – Superior Spiderman and Warhammer II. Or read on for the latest on upcoming sets!


19th January 2022 – We now have a street date in February for Dark Phoenix Saga! Kryptonite Crisis is still slated in solicits for January, but we can now expect it some time after Dark Phoenix. House of X is gone (merged into DPS?); Fantastic Four and Secret Wars are still marked as June 2022, but only time will tell until such time as they have a full date with a day.

Wizkids’ August 2021 update reassured us that Organised Play would be making a return, and you can see from the image above that it’s happening: check out the cards here. The same update also highlighted the new style which Kryptonite Crisis brings to the cards (easier to read text and textless versions of cards). Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime, check out the spoilers!

Superman Kryptonite Crisis

Dark Phoenix Saga


Infinity Gauntlet


Superior Spider-Man

Warhammer 40K II