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Welcome to the only comprehensive gallery of Dark Phoenix spoilers on the web. We scour the web for ALL the spoilers, big and small (sharp and pixelated!), so that you don’t have to. But if you want to see where they came from, you absolutely can, as we also maintain a complete update log, with references to every single source. 

The spoiler machine for the Dark Phoenix Saga first cranked into action in February 2020, and the set was originally planned for release later that year. But then Covid happened and things started getting pushed back. The spoilers dried up in October, with no imminent sign of release. After a long silence, the flow began again in June 2021…

If you don’t like spoilers, or have a low tolerance for blurry photos and sometimes indecipherable text, I absolutely understand, but you’re probably on the wrong page 😀 But, if you’d like a hint of what to look forward to, and even enjoy the occasional game of decryption, then read on!!

Latest Update

9th August – Kitty Pryde R, Gambit U

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Solicits Latest

10th August – After a long radio silence, Wizkids announced that Dark Phoenix has now been pushed back to ‘approximately 8 weeks’ after Kryptonite Crisis releases in Q1 of 2022. Solicits currently has this in March: we will see!

BAC and Character Lists

These numbers can be discerned on Common spoilers, or deduced from the Rares or Uncommons, or from their position in the sequence. The characters with question marks are speculation, and those in red have confirmed SR versions. Click on a name to jump to the spoilers for that character, or click here to jump to the BAC spoilers.

1. Archnemesis

2. Dampening Collar

3. Explosion

4. Greetings from Krakoa

5. ?

6. Living the Dream

7. Making the Team

8. Mutant Research Program

9. Mutation

10. ?

11. ?

12. Radicalization

13. Rally!

14. Take Cover

15. ?

16. Tight Ranks










Dark Phoenix



Emma Frost??





Jean Grey


Kitty Pryde


Madelyne Pryor



Master Mold

Mister Sinister




Professor X



Ronan the Accuser



Supreme Intelligence




Basic Action Cards


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Update Log

9th August – Kitty Pryde R, Gambit U (Dice Masters: United)

26th July – Colossus U, Kitty Pryde U (Dice Masters: United)

12th July – Psylocke U, Ronan U (Dice Masters: United)

28th June – Bishop R, Blob U (Dice Masters: United)

21st June – Cable U, Lilandra SR, Sabretooth R, Storm R (MoD/Britrollersix)

10th June 2021 – Magik C, Phoenix U (Britrollersix)

22nd October – Gambit, Magik and Rogue dice confirmed (@NewDiceMasters)

19th October – Angel C, Beast C, Forge C, clearer Jubilee C, Psylocke R, Toad U, Magneto R (DMArmada)

19th October – Jean Grey C, Madelyne Pryor U, Magneto C, Supreme Intelligence C, Greetings from Krakoa BAC, Living the Dream BAC, Tight Ranks BAC (MOD)

12th October – Colossus R, Cyclops U, Mutation BAC (DMArmada)

12th October – Angel SR, Toad R, Take Cover BAC (CR Gameroom)

12th October – Supreme Intelligence U (Britrollersix)

9th October – Wolverine C, U, R, SR (DM-North)

6th October – Mystique U, R, SR (DMArmada)

1st October – clearer Professor X C, Radicalization BAC, Dampening Collar BAC (DMArmada)

27th September – clearer Archnemesis BAC, Blob C, Moira U, Ronan the Accuser C, Supreme Intelligence R (Britrollersix)

26th September – Mister Sinister C, U, R, SR (DMArmada)

24th September – clearer Professor X R (Jimmy on FB)

21st September – Angel U, clearer Angel R, Iceman U, clearer Jean Grey U, clearer Moira R (Britrollersix)

20th September – Moira C ❤, clearer Jubilee U, Psylocke C (Wizkids Facebook)

19th September – Angel R, Jean Grey U (Wizkids Facebook)

17th September – DM:U video summary

16th September – D’Ken U, Dark Phoenix U, Deathbird C, Gladiator U, Lilandra R, Vulcan C (Wizkids Facebook)

16th September – Corsair, Forge U, Kitty Pryde U, Professor X U, Explosion BAC, Making the Team BAC (Wizkids Online Store – now removed, but I saved it for you)

12th September – Bishop U, Dark Phoenix R, Gladiator R, Jean Grey R, Lilandra C, Madelyne Pryor R, Magneto SR, Phoenix C, Professor X R, Mutant Research Program BAC (House Rules Gaming on Facebook)

29th August – Dice in a cassette case (Jimmy on FB)

15th May – Beast U and R, Iceman R (MOD)

15th May – Blink R (MOD)

1st April – Master Mold SR (Britrollersix)

24th March – Bishop C, Cyclops C, Deadpool C, Mystique C, Rally BAC (Jimmy on FB)

24th February 2020 – Dark Phoenix C, Jubilee SR, Magneto U (Wizkids Facebook)

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Still to come are returning characters Gambit, Colossus, Magik, Sabretooth, Rogue. And maybe something new? Like a daddy space pirate.


Corsair is Grandpa Summers. Cyclops and Havoc’s Dad


I hope they get affiliations with blob and a couple others. (Supreme intell)
Hopefully we get a few more brotherhood and yes definately need night crawler and gambit back!!! Thanks for the article. Hope we get our infinity gauntlet soon!!!

Dan Lowe

In the new X-men comics there are teams but mutants have mostly all joined together as one nation. There’s X-men, x-factor, the marauders, hellfire club etc but besides the alternate dimension where Apocalypse’s family was banished, which has its own tribes, there aren’t really any ‘evil’ teams. Blob is just the bartender at the tiki bar now.

They only just introduced the new core X-men in the last couple weeks. Cyclops, Jean Grey, Rogue, Polaris, Sunfire, X-23 (just ‘wolverine’ now) and Synch.

Last edited 2 months ago by Dan Lowe

100% no Nightcrawler. He doesn’t fit.


Sequence. Mystique then Phoenix, no room for Nightcrawler.


Yeah, no Nightcrawler. It’s also reasonably easy to use the cards revealed so far to work out the whole list, and who therefore might be appearing. And, at the very least, ruling many out as with Nightcrawler. No Nimrod, no Multiple Man, no Rachel Summers..


Also, you’re missing Mister Sinister.


He was spoiled months and months ago.

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i saw dice for magik gambit and rogue posted on twitter so you can probably take off the ? for them.