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How To Play Dice Masters

This page gathers together all the DM rules information released by Wizkids, the ultimate card reference that is the Team Builder, and the articles and videos we created to help new players get up to speed and encourage more experienced players to raise their game.


The latest complete rulebook is X-Men Forever. The WWE rulebook is newer but they took out a bunch of stuff to streamline it and linked to an as-yet non-existent webpage, which redirects to the oldest How To video ever. I would humbly suggest you skip that and watch my vids instead.


The keywords and glossary page is excellent, and is probably the most regularly updated of all the Dice Masters resources.

Ban Lists and Rotation

Wizkids produces an annual Rotation page, where you can find out what sets and cards are legal/banned in each format. Here’s the latest one: Dice Masters Rotation 2022

Errata and Rulings

The errata list is a subpage of the rules forum. While the errata are pretty straightforward and few in number, the rest of the rules forum is a bit hard to navigate and infrequently updated. I have gathered together the Modern rulings for you here. If you have a rules question, check out the Questions? section below.

The Team Builder

This page would not be complete without mentioning the fantastic Team Builder over at the Dice Coalition. Maintained by the wonderful Trubie, it is a searchable database of all Dice Masters cards released to date, with notes wherever a card has received an erratum.

How To Articles

The rulebook has improved a lot over the years, but it’s not necessarily the easiest way to learn the game. With this in mind, I wrote three articles (with embedded videos I made with Zack Pope) to explain the basics of the game in a more coherent way. They originally appeared on the Dice Coalition website and were fully updated and re-homed to DM:United in April 2020.

The fourth article below is the start of a series designed to help you raise your game to a competitive level, and is also accompanied by a number of shorter videos.

The Details

Each video in James’s The Details series looks at a themed selection of the rules omitted from the ‘streamlined’ WWE rulebook, and flesh them out with examples and relevant rulings. The following pages contain all the links and references:

How To Videos

Other Resources

A pretty exhaustive selection of DM links from the ever-awesome Rollin’ Thunder.

A How To playlist from the mighty DM Armada.

Some Keyword explainers from the Kings in the North, DM North.


If you’re just starting out, and you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the rulebook or keywords page linked above, or amongst my articles and videos, fear not, there are several places you can ask questions:

The Dice Masters Online Discord server. You’ll need to join up first (if the linked invite has expired, just let me know), but once you have, you will find some of the most active Dice Masters players in the world, and a #rules-questions channel devoted to your needs 🙂

On Facebook, you can ask us at DM:United directly, or try the popular DM:Unlimited group.

And if Reddit is more your thing, there’s also a DM subreddit.