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Secret Wars Spoilers

Welcome to the only comprehensive gallery of Secret Wars spoilers on the web. We scour the web for ALL the spoilers, big and small (sharp and pixelated!), so that you don’t have to. But if you want to see where they came from, you absolutely can, as we also maintain a complete update log, with references to every single source. 

The Lowdown

We didn’t hear too much about Secret Wars for a long time after it was initially mentioned, but in mid May 2022, a few images leaked out and, at the end of that month, Wizkids made a big announcement.

Draft Packs

Each countertop display contains eight draft packs, and each draft pack contains:

  • 12 Character/Action Cards, each with 2 matching dice
  • 3 Basic Action Cards
  • A random selection of their cards will be their foil versions

Origin Packs (NEW!)

  • 2 Character Cards with exclusive art, each with 3 matching dice
  • 2 Basic Action Cards with special card frame
  • 2 Indicator Cards
  • 6 Basic Action Dice
  • 8 Sidekick Dice in a special color

Check out more details on Wizkids’ Secret Wars product page.

Revised Card Format (NEW!)

  • Colour-coded energy types (also in globals)
  • Card titles and subtitles in more compact font
  • Team-building information is shown down the right-hand side, easily visible when cards are fanned in hand
  • Cost and energy type are now top-right
  • Only character faces (or action face) of dice are shown, vertically beneath the cost
  • Affiliation symbols are below the dice images, and max dice below that
  • Collector’s information – Rarity, card number etc – moves to bottom.
  • Vanilla (no text) cards will be full-art (see Colossus below); there will be higher rarity full-arts which will look different
  • Some character dice (e.g. Franklin’s Galactus) have more than 3 character sides

Epic Basic Actions (NEW!)

  • New type of Basic Action
  • You may only buy or use one per turn
  • You must have a 4-cost or higher character in the field before purchase
  • They can’t be copied by Dr Strange, Ultraman et al
  • They are returned to their card after use
  • Examples: ‘Pay X life – draw and roll X dice’, ‘Reroll all character dice’

Latest Update

10th April – We’re handing over now to the Dice Coalition Team Builder, which has now been updated with Secret Wars (unchecked by default). I’ve downloaded and added the last few cards we were missing – four rares and a couple of SRs – but left the rest as they appeared, for posterity. See you for the next set!

Jump to the complete Update Log

Solicits Latest

BAC and Character Lists

These numbers can be discerned on Common spoilers, or deduced from the Rares or Uncommons, or from their position in the sequence (currently assuming 16 BACs). The cards with question marks are speculation (concerning name or number), and those in red are Epic BACs or have confirmed SR versions. Click here to jump to the BAC spoilers.

1. Casket of Ancient Winters

2. Cosmic Cube

3. Crimson Bands of Cyttorak

4. Daily Bugle

5. Distraction

6. Escape

7. Instant War

8. Invulnerability

9. Locked in Combat

10. Pirate Broadcast

11. Shocking Grasp

12. The Beyonder

13. The Darkhold

14. The Infinity Gauntlet

15. The Siege Perilous

16. Wallop

17. Agent Brand

18. Apocalypse (137)

19. Beast (138)

20. Black Panther (139)

21. Black Swan

22. Captain Britain

23. Captain Marvel

24. Colossus

25. Corvus Glaive

26. Dazzler

27. Falcon

28. Franklin’s Galactus

29. God Emperor Doom (140)

30. Goddess of Thunder

31. Groot

32. Invisible Woman (141)

33. Jane Foster (142)

34. Jimmy Woo

35. Kang (143)

36. King Hyperion (144)

37. Madelyne Pryor

38. Magik

39. Mister Sinister

40. Molecule Man (145)

41. Mr. Fantastic (146)

42. Namor

43. Phoenix Force Cyclops (147)

44. Proxima Midnight

45. Scarlet Witch

46. Sheriff Strange

47. Spider-Gwen

48. Spider-Man (148)

49. Star-Lord (149)

50. Stormbreaker Ray

51. Terrax

52. The Maker

53. Thing (150)

54. Thor of Higher Avalon (151)

55. Ultimate Spider-Man (152)

56. Wolverine

Agent Brand



Black Panther

Black Swan

Captain Britain

Captain Marvel


Corvus Glaive



Franklin’s Galactus

God Emperor Doom

Goddess of Thunder


Invisible Woman

Jane Foster

Jimmy Woo


King Hyperion

Madelyne Pryor


Mister Sinister

Molecule Man

Mr. Fantastic


Phoenix Force Cyclops

Proxima Midnight

Scarlet Witch

Sheriff Strange




Stormbreaker Ray


The Maker


Thor of Higher Avalon

Ultimate Spider-Man


Basic Action Cards

Textless Commons

Textless Alt-Arts (FATBACs etc)

Origin Pack Alt-Arts


Update Log

10th April – We’re handing over now to the Dice Coalition Team Builder, which has now been updated with Secret Wars (unchecked by default). I’ve downloaded and added the last few cards we were missing – four rares and a couple of SRs – but left the rest as they appeared, for posterity. See you for the next set!

9th April – Yet More Unboxings

6th April – More Unboxings (DM:U, MoD, BWX, Dice Masters Francophone, Board Game Empire)

4th April – Unboxing (DM North)

4th April – Apocalypse SR and God Emperor Doom SR (MoD)

4th April – Captain Marvel C, Jimmy Woo C (DM:U)

3rd April – Beast U, Scarlet Witch C (Rollin Thunder)

2nd April – Proxima Midnight U, Thor of Higher Avalon U (BWX)

31st March – Mister Sinister R (DM North)

29th March – Spider-Man U, Thing R (Jimmy on Facebook)

22nd March 2023 – Goddess of Thunder C, Groot C, Jane Foster C & SR, Stormbreaker Ray C, Thor of Higher Avalon SR (MoD)

1st December 2022 – Captain Britain CUR (MoD)

25th November – Star-Lord SR (MoD)

14th November – Invulnerability BAC, Black Swan C, Groot U, Kang R, Wolverine C (DM:U)

12th November – Black Panther C, U, R (MoD)

26th October – Black Panther SR, Invisible Woman R, Mr. Fantastic C, Namor C, Thing C & SR (MoD)

19th September – Distraction FATBAC, The Darkhold BAC, God Emperor Doom R, Madelyne Pryor R, Magik R, Star-Lord R Full Art, several clearer images of previously spoiled stuff (Wizkids Fan Appreciation Event)

19th September – Franklin’s Galactus C Full Art, Phoenix Force Cyclops C (Game Trade Magazine, via MoD)

17th September – Invisible Woman C, Ultimate Spider-Man C Full Art (DM North)

6th August – Spider-Gwen C (MoD)

5th August – Agent Brand U, Daily Bugle BAC, Dazzler R, Invisible Woman SR, Terrax R (DM North)

18th June – Franklin’s Galactus U (MoD)

13th June – Invisible Woman U (DM North)

9th June – Colossus C (MoD)

31st May – A bunch of promotional images (Wizkids’ announcement and product page)

14th May 2022 – A few dice and card images and one of the countertop display (Wizkids)

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