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DM:U32 Just an Illusion

With the release of the new Loki series, we’re taking the opportunity to pick out some of the best iterations in Dice Masters of our favourite Asgardian mischief maker. And who will be crowned winner of the competition to win a playmat designed by the matmeister himself, our very own Peter?


0:37 Loki!

The Cards

41:55 Competition Winner!

The Facebook post

DM:U Dice Mats page

Peter’s How To vid

47:42 AoB – Rush Video and Dice Fight

The Rushenanigans

This is the main Dice Fight page, where you will find the monthly schedule and sign-up instructions.

You can contact us here, on our Facebook page or by email.

Our theme tune is Ode to Joy – Heavy Edition, written specially for us by the most excellent dafteaux.

The funky breakbeat drum loop is by Alexander, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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