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Format: Necro War!

Team Building Rules

This format was summoned from the Netherworld by the mighty Jayson Lucero. It is a Modern format, with just a few bans:

  • Blob: Frederick Dukes
  • Poison Ivy: New Leaf
  • Emma Frost: Mental Mistress
  • Meteorite: Dr Karla Sofen
  • Istrid Horn: Mind for Money

Gameplay Rules

Check out the video Jayson and James made for an explanation of the rules, an example of gameplay, and some team building tips, or scroll down for the full ruleset.

All standard game rules apply, except:

  • Neither player can attack on their first turn.
  • Your sidekick dice function as Undead characters in the field.
  • You may gain Undead Tokens as described below
  • Undead (Sidekicks and Undead Tokens) function as described below
  • There is an additional wincon: if any player receives “5 Bite Wounds” they lose the game

Undead vs Opponent

Undead DO NOT deal combat damage to your opponent. INSTEAD, each time an Undead character would deal such damage (typically through going unblocked or via Overcrush), they inflict a bite wound, and your opponent must choose from these options:

a) lose 2 life to cut out the infected wound and prevent zombification. This also reduces their max life by two for the purposes of life gain effects


b) gain one ‘bite wound’ counter (represented by a d6, for example). When a player would gain their fifth such counter, they become a zombie and lose the game.

Undead characters also have Recruit – Undead (sidekicks), which triggers upon biting an opponent:

Undead vs Dice

Undead do their normal combat damage to other dice. IN ADDITION, they inflict bite wounds upon non-Undead character dice. When a character suffers a bite wound, a die must be removed from that character’s card to cut out the infected wound and prevent the character being zombified.

If there are no dice left on the victim’s card, at the end of combat, that character die leaves the game and the controller of the Undead which inflicted the bite gets a special Undead Token in their Prep Area: the character has been turned!

Undead Tokens are 2A/2D (0-2-2), and may be fielded from Prep any time their controller could normally field a die. In addition to Recruit – Undead (sidekicks), they also have Regenerate:

Since Tokens cannot be rerolled to check for regeneration, instead roll any action die: an action face denotes successful generation. If they do not regenerate, they are removed from the game.


Please see the main Dice Fight page for details of how to sign up. If you have any trouble at all, don’t hesitate to contact me, either here or in discord (@jacquesblondes).