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DM:U19 The Fist, The Last, My Everything

What is the fistiest fist? If Mr Fixit were a boat, what would he be called? When is a fist not a fist? These are just some of the important questions we grapple with as we begin a new series on energy types. In other news, the quiz returns with a guest quizmaster – will there be a shock winner? And we reveal the results of our poll to find the worst card in Dice Masters.


00:55 Energy Types – Smashy Fists

20:40 It’s Nick Wahle!

The Filthy Monkey video

26:50 Energy Quiz

50:10 The Worst Card in Dice Masters

The Poll

60:30 Any Other Business

The new monthly Dice Fight page

DM vs Cancer Event

This is the main Dice Fight page, where you will find general instructions and a link to the latest event. 

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Our theme tune is Ode to Joy – Heavy Edition, written specially for us by the most excellent dafteaux.

The funky breakbeat drum loop is by Alexander, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

The radio tuning sound effect is clipped from ‘radio band.wav’ by Paper Jam on, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 International License