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Format: Silver Age

Team Building Rules

  1. The card pool available for ‘Silver Age’ is everything from Green Arrow and The Flash onwards (sadly, that does mean Silver Surfer is unavailable, but I could hardly not use him for the image!) See below for a chronological list of allowed sets.
  2. If the event is labelled ‘Orange’ in terms of competitive level, we will use the ban list here. TL;DR – if it’s cheesy, top tier tournament-winning, fun-spoiling filth, it’s probably banned.

Available Sets

  • Green Arrow and The Flash
  • Doctor Strange Team Pack
  • Deadpool
  • Heroes in a Half Shell
  • Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set
  • Defenders Team Pack
  • Batman
  • Superman and Wonder Woman Starter Set
  • Spider-Man Maximum Carnage Team Pack
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • X-Men First Class
  • Tomb of Annihilation
  • The Mighty Thor
  • Avengers Infinity Campaign Box
  • Kree Invasion Team Pack
  • Justice, Like Lightning… Team Pack
  • Harley Quinn Team Pack
  • Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box
  • Orks – WAAGH! Team Pack
  • Space Wolves – Sons of Russ Team Pack
  • Justice Campaign Box
  • Doom Patrol Team Pack
  • Mystics Team Pack
  • X-Men Forever Campaign Box
  • X-Force Team Pack
  • Dark X-Men Team Pack
  • Trouble in Waterdeep Campaign Box
  • Adventures in Waterdeep Team Pack
  • The Zhentarim Team Pack
  • WWE Campaign Box
  • Bitter Rivals Team Pack
  • Tag Teams Team Pack
  • Avengers Infinity Gauntlet
  • The Dark Phoenix Saga
  • Superman Kryptonite Crisis


Please see the main Dice Fight page for details of how to sign up. If you have any trouble at all, don’t hesitate to contact me, either here or in discord (@jacquesblondes).