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DF:XL Prizing and Sign-up

Dice Fight XL is this Saturday, 25th July! It’s big, it’s Modern, and Infinity Gauntlet is more than welcome!

The event format is Modern Constructed and the only ban is Typhoid Mary. We’re starting at 18:00 Central European time (see the widget below for your local time) and there’ll be 5 rounds of best-of-one swiss, starting each new round on the hour. Rounds will be a maximum of 45 minutes with no turns – if the game goes to time, the winner will be the person with highest life. Equal life at time means the result is a tie. You can find more details in the main DF:XL blog and my IG proxy blog.


Time converter at


As you can see in the galleries below, the DM:U crew and their lovely friends seem to have accumulated (or drawn) quite a selection of lovely promos that they are donating to Dice Fight XL to be used as prizing. Huge thanks in particular go to Troy, Danley and StuART. We’ve thought long and hard about how to share these out – we wanted to reward achievement, but also participation, creativity and … some other things. After much discussion, this is what we came up with:

1st and 2nd place

The overall winner will choose one of the two bundles below, and the runner-up will get the other:

  • Promo Foil Lantern Ring + Promo Foil Resurrection + one of StuART’s custom cards (you choose)
  • Golden Dice + Casey Jones/Squirrel Girl Foil Promo (you choose) + one of StuART’s custom cards (you choose)

Mystery Prizes

There will be 4 mystery prizes for the lucky people that complete 4 secret objectives. These objectives, and the winners, will only be revealed after the event has finished. Each winner will get a bundle of three cool cards.


Everyone who has completed all five rounds, and has not won one of the above prizes will be entered into a raffle. Four names will be drawn at random and they too will win a bundle of 3 cool cards.

Alt Arts

The bundles will be selected from the stuff in the photos, but we likely won’t use absolutely everything. I’m sure that each bundle will be a nice little prize, but if any of the mystery prize or raffle winners would prefer one of Stu’s super cool custom cards, they may exchange their bundle for one of those which remain.

Dice Masters: United Players

There will be a couple of the DM:U crew playing on Saturday, and they have been known to win a tournament or two, but fear not! No DM:U members will win any of the prizes – if they happen to come first and second, for example, the top prizes will pass down to those finishing third and fourth.


OK, if that all sounds good, you just need to sign up! Sign-up is absolutely free – we are just Dice Masters fans who want people to enjoy playing this great game. If you’d like to thank us, we’d be very happy if you considered subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on Facebook or listening to our podcast. Or preferably all three 😀

We’re using the Challonge tournament management website for the registration and pairings in this event. You will need the following information to hand during sign-up:

  • a Challonge ID – you can sign up here:
  • an email address – so we can send you further details
  • your Discord name – Discord is a chat thingy which is home to a very active and friendly community of Dice Masters players. On Saturday, all communication will be done through the #dice-fight-xl channel on the Dice Masters Online Discord server. You can sign up here:
  • your WIN ID – I plan to enter the results both in Challonge and in Wizkids’ own system as a backup. If you don’t have a WIN ID, you just need to sign up here:

Before the event (but not right now), you will also need to submit a team link, but I’ll send you more information about that by email. On the day of the event you will of course need a webcam and the ability to use google hangouts; again, more on that in the email.

Ready to sign up? OK, have at it!