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Infinity Gauntlet Round-Up

From podcasts to blogs, spoilers to reviews, the DM:U crew have been working hard over the last few months to bring you a positive cornucopia of Infinity Gauntlet content. We thought we’d put together a quick round-up of the coverage, in case you missed it. Jump to: Podcasts, Blogs, Videos, Rulings, Team Lists


We spent several episodes of the podcast going through every card in the set and also had a good chat about drafting. Click on the buttons for the show notes and link for each episode.


Having talked about all the cards on the podcast, we thought it might be nice to provide a written version, so we each rated every card for draft and constructed, and then Ben wove our ratings and comments into a blog.

Our Dice Fight XL was the first major tournament to include the Infinity Gauntlet set. As not everyone had the product in hand, James prepared a proxy blog, so that the event could be a truly international one.


SR Adam Warlock Spoiler and Energise

DMArmada was kind enough to pass one of the final Infinity Gauntlet spoilers our way, so Ben and James made a video about the Energise keyword and the Super Rare Adam Warlock.

The Dice Masters Chronicle #1

Our very own Peter’s victory in Dice Fight XL introduced a nasty combo with Iceman and Turk Barrett, and James was inspired to create the Dice Masters Chronicle, each episode of which gives in depth analysis of a meta team.

Brewing Up a Storm

James gets together with Jo from the CR Game Room to break down a couple of cracking Infinity Gauntlet meta combos: Common Collector/Poison Ivy/Asuka and Sr Thor with Lita.

Thor/Lita vs Collector

Next up, we have a couple of gameplay videos – James playing 2 different iterations of the SR Thor team, first against Jo’s Collector…

Thor/Instant War vs God Catchers

… and then against Nicks’s God Catchers (and stapler) in the MoDPDM@UKGE.

The Dice Masters Chronicle #2

After Dana Patton, aka General Nemesis won the MoDPDM, he very kindly agreed to discuss the ins and outs of his Thor team in the second episode of the Dice Masters Chronicle.

How To Draft

And finally, James put together another How To, detailing the process of drafting, giving our top drafting tips, and also looking at older formats and online drafting.


Wizkids has not officially ruled on anything from Infinity Gauntlet yet, so the community has arrived at its own consensus on a few things. In no particular order:

When fielded, choose an opposing card, cancelling all previous choices. Your opponent may not purchase or field that character until Drax leaves the Field Zone.

The consensus is that Drax doesn’t interact with action dice at all, as the text says ‘character’. Nor does he prevent God Catcher tokens being fielded: even if you chose the GC card, that’s the card of the Action Die, not of the token.

Target non-Proxima Midnight Black Order character die gets +2A and gains Overcrush (until end of turn).

Jimmy confirmed in the Dice Masters: Unlimited Facebook group that this is a ‘when fielded’ effect.

While Doctor Strange is active, for each mask energy you spend to purchase an action die or field a character die, deal 1 damage to target character die or player.

For this Doctor Strange, ? would count as a mask, because you are spending the question mark as a mask. (Crosspulse ruling).

Wong gets +2A while your opponent has mask energy in their Reserve Pool.

But for this Wong, your opponent would actually have to have a mask and not a ? because this time we are counting, not spending. (Superwoman ruling). The Rare Wong does work like Dr Strange, though, as does SR Turk Barrett.

Rush: If you draw this die during your Clear and Draw step, draw and roll an extra die for each die of the indicated type drawn during that step. (MDM13)

DM Armada had the opportunity to discuss the Rush keyword with Wizkids themselves and made a video based on their conversations. I used that as the basis for these DF:XL clarifications:

  1. Rush looks at all dice drawn during the clear and draw step
  2. Additionally drawn (‘rushed’) dice can also trigger a further Rush draw
  3. Drawing the same Rush character does not start a new Rush sequence
  4. Drawing a new Rush character would initiate a new Rush sequence, seeing both previously and subsequently drawn dice.

While Nebula is active, if you opponent draws and rolls more than 4 dice during their Clear and Draw Step…

We’ll ignore the fact that you don’t roll in your Clear and Draw step (there’s a similar mistake on R She-Hulk). Your opponent loses 2 life if they draw 5 or more dice at the start of their turn (e.g. because of Rush), NOT including dice added to their roll from their Prep area, as those dice were not drawn.

Team Lists

Dice Fight XL

DF:XL brought a fresh new meta, with IG seeing play for the first time in a major tournament. The only banned card was Typhoid Mary (due to lack of a proxy die). You can find all the team lists here.

Phew, I think that’s just about it. Do check out the Brit Roller Six blog for the team lists from the recent MoDPDM@UKGE event, which followed the same format as DF:XL. And don’t forget to have a look at DMArmada for some more combo vids, DM-North for keyword explainers and the MoD and CR Game Room for more IG gameplay. If you have any questions, criticisms or compliments, please do leave a comment 🙂