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Earth X Origins Stats

Awesome Data Elf, Steve, has crunched the Earth X Origins numbers for us ❤ The highlights:

  • Becky appeared in slightly fewer than half of the 45 teams (22/45). But she was in 11 of the top 16, 7 of the top 8 and all of the top 4 teams.
  • The next most popular wincon, or alternate wincon, was The God Catcher – Famous Walking Statue (9). Its more defensive brother appeared on 10 teams.
  • The only other significantly popular wincon was Green Lantern (8)
  • The most popular non-Becky ramp globals were Atlas {20) and Clayface (13)
  • Overall, Istrid Horn (19) was chosen by more people than Eddie Guerrero (12). But Eddie won 5-3 in the top 8, and 3-1 in the top 4
  • The most popular BAC was Booker T (16/45), followed by Static Field and Jerry Lawler (12 each)
  • Aside from those already mentioned, the most popular control pieces were Black Widow: Agent (12) and Poison Ivy, Gazer and Weaponer’s Ring (10 each)
  • The set with the greatest number of cards played was WWE (18), followed by Justice and Trouble in Waterdeep (17 each)

All the cards played in more than one team, in order of frequency.

Number of cards used in each set

Top cards in the top 16 teams

Top cards in the top 8 teams

All cards in the top 4 teams