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DM:U43 (Simply) The Best

Shocking levels of agreement break out as the team attempts to crown the best set in Dice Masters. There’s also an update on Dice Fight and, after Peter’s tooth woes, we have been sent a definitive answer to the question of which Dice Masters character would be best suited to carrying out a root canal.


00:52 The Best Set in Dice Masters

02:57 D&D (Shared Art Vid)

14:37 The Others

23:40 DC

41:36 Marvel

58:28 The Winner

60:14 Dice Fight Update

This is the main Dice Fight page, where you will find the monthly schedule and sign-up instructions.

Here’s an invite to the DM Discord Server (drop us a line if it expires); once you’re in, look for the #dice-fight channel

66:28 AoB

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