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DM:U31 I Just Can’t Wait to Be Kang

We’re revisiting the scores we gave in our review of the Infinity Gauntlet expansion to identify the cards we underrated and those that we over-hyped. Where did we go horribly wrong? We also reveal the details of a new competition that will net the lucky winner a mat on a theme of their choosing designed by our resident Dutch master.


0:29 Revisiting Infinity Gauntlet rankings

The original review

1:10 Underrated Cards

Rush Shields vid

How To Draft Online vid

Blitz vid I (featuring Rocket and the Iron Lad global)

Blitz vid II (featuring Kang and the Iron Lad global)

30:00 Overrated Cards

6x6x6 Overcrushing Octopus (featuring R Captain Marvel)

65:25 Competition Time

The Facebook post

70:15 Rerolling and Spinning Vid

The blog (with rules and ruling references)

The video

72:00 AoB – Dice Fight and Breath Weapon X Fest II

3rd June – Legacy XV

10th June – Practice for Breath Weapon X Fest II

This is the main Dice Fight page, where you will find the monthly schedule and sign-up instructions.

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