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DM:U26 Jimmy Jimmy

Join us for a bumper length episode featuring an in-depth interview with Jimmy O’Brien, the voice of WizKids in the Dice Masters community. We quiz him on upcoming expansions, the card design process and a whole lot more before reflecting on what we have learnt. Also, who has won our YouTube subscriber competition?


00:37 Interview with Jimmy O’Brien

The 2016 Worlds Final – Guillermo vs Isaac

53:41 Reflections on the Interview

69:13 AOB including the Competition Winner!

The Competition Time Video

Ultimate Spidey Team-Up Video

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2 thoughts on “DM:U26 Jimmy Jimmy”

  1. When he can’t even say that Dark Phoenix will be coming full stop, that says it all. If it was, you’d say it was. Regardless of not being able to provide a date. This is the same attitude and approach as was taken with Spider-Man and Warhammer. Just silence until it’s dead. This is disappointing. I know people only recently preordered some Dark Phoenix when stores restocked it in the last few weeks.

  2. I agree Jess. I’m not anticipating this release as much as our vocal community, but I was pretty shocked that Jimmy couldn’t even confirm that Dark Phoenix would even release. Personally I’d like to see a little more transparency from WizKidz here. This situation has kind of reached a point where it feels like WizKidz is taking their fans for granted.

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