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DM:U24 The Tracks of My Tiers

You can keep your Beckys and your God Catchers, we’re ranking the best tier two win conditions available in modern. What are their pros and cons, and what would push them into the top level? Spoilers abound for the Kryptonite Crisis set, so we pick over some of the highlights so far before giving our thoughts on the new Play at Home kits.


00:48 Tier 2 Wincons

36:07 Kryptonite Crisis Spoilers Chat

The Spoiler Page

Our Hot Take Video

49:20 Play At Home Kits

James’s Spider-Verse Vid

53:11 AoB

Our US Correspondent

New Sets and Spoilers Page

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    1. Ooooh, I like that. That Ms Marvel seems a good fit. I think I prefer Atlantis ramp, but that ideally needs Becky’s global, and including Becky would kind of defeat the object!

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