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DM:U23 What a Wandaful World

We celebrate the release of WandaVision by attempting to decide which are the best versions of the titular characters in the world of Dice Masters. There’s also feedback on how our draft teams performed and a look back at Breath Weapon X Fest. And what in the world is Dice Masters Blitz?


00:55 Wandavision

07:10 Vision in DM

13:10 Scarlet Witch in DM

22:34 Draft Feedback

The Draft (DM:U Episode 22)

The Online Draft Pack Generator

33:20 Dice Masters Blitz

James vs Spug (with harrying)

James vs Ben (with chess clocks)

The Chess Clock

39:25 Breath Weapon X Fest

48:16 AoB

Updated How To Page

This is the main Dice Fight page, where you will find the monthly schedule and sign-up instructions.

You can contact us here, on our Facebook page or by email.

Our theme tune is Ode to Joy – Heavy Edition, written specially for us by the most excellent dafteaux.

The funky breakbeat drum loop is by Alexander, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License