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DM:U17 The Worlds Is Not Enough

Online worlds is in the books and we reflect on an event that featured stunning success for two of our number and abject failure for another. And as more spoilers emerge for the upcoming Dark Phoenix set, we get rather excited at the return of a couple of old friends to the Dice Masters card pool.


00:52 Worlds Overview

Worlds Info

02:46 Peter on Worlds

Peter’s Team

Peter’s Chronicle Video

14:02 Ben on Worlds

Ben’s Team

Ben’s Chronicle Video (one card different)

Troy’s Chronicle Video

33:53 Spug on Worlds and More Chat

Spug’s Team

42:16 Dark Phoenix Spoilers

DM:U spoiler page

DMArmada’s Video

51:43 Any Other Business

Nick’s Team – Vigilante Vibranium Orks

DM-North Death Race Video

Online Event Questionnaire

Meta Chronicles Playlist

On Thursday 22nd October, we’re trialling the new Silver Age format. This is the main Dice Fight page, where you’ll find general instructions and a link to the latest event. 

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