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DM:U16 I Get a Kick Out of You

We come over all golden with a chat about cards with the Ally keyword: which faithful friends tower above the others? Peter then talks us through the frankly obscene amount of damage he managed to do in one turn, and we lay down a listener challenge.


00:53 Warning

01:33 Allies

Zack’s Jarvis/Fixit Team

James and Zack’s Sidekick Slapdown

38:53 Massive Damage

Autumn Colours Dice Fight

Peter’s Team

Fixit Video

James’s Team   

The challenge: you have 4 turns to do as much damage as possible, and you may assume that your opponent doesn’t stand in your way at all (no blanking, no fielding blockers, nothing).

52:09 Any Other Business

DM:U spoiler page

Upcoming Products vid

Worlds Info

On Thursday 8th October, we have Modern practice for World’s on 9-11th October. On 15th, we’ll have something nice, green and friendly. This is the main Dice Fight page, where you’ll find general instructions and a link to the latest event. 

You can contact us here, on our Facebook page or by email.

And this is the video we were discussing in the outtake 😀

Our theme tune is Ode to Joy – Heavy Edition, written specially for us by the most excellent dafteaux.

The funky breakbeat drum loop is by Alexander, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License