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DM:U12 Red Red Whine

We reach journey’s end in our monumental quest to review all the cards in the Infinity Gauntlet expansion, rounding things off with the super rares and the basic actions. Which of the hardest to find cards should you be hunting like the wolf?


0:47 Infinity Gauntlet Review – The Super Rares

Infinity Gauntlet Super Rares on the Dice Coalition Team Builder

34:46 Infinity Gauntlet Review – The Basic Actions

Infinity Gauntlet Basic Actions on the Dice Coalition Team Builder

63:44 Review blog, Dice Fight, Iceman/Turk video, Contacts

Full Infinity Gauntlet set review

The Iceman/Turk breakdown

On Thursday 10th and 17th August Dice Fight will be Modern (with Infinity Gauntlet) in preparation for MoDPDM on 22nd August

This is the main Dice Fight page, where you will find general instructions and a link to the latest event. 

Our theme tune is Ode to Joy – Heavy Edition, written specially for us by the most excellent dafteaux.

The funky breakbeat drum loop is by Alexander, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License