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Dice Masters: The Guide

Are you new to Dice Masters, or returning after an extended sabbatical? The Guide draws together all the information you need in one tidy space!

Since Dice Masters was launched in 2014, the total number of cards has crept steadily upwards until, at the time of writing, there are over 4000! As this can be rather unwieldy, the game is often played in limited formats that restrict the sets that teams can be drawn from. The limitations can be on anything from purchase cost to energy type, but one very common way of restricting the card pool is by the age of the cards. Indeed, the two main official formats – Modern and Golden – are distinguished in exactly this way.

Modern Sets

Wizkids produces an annual Rotation page, where you can find out what sets and cards are legal/banned in each official format. Here’s the most recent one: Dice Masters Rotation 2022. In short, the four newest sets are legal in Modern (probably the most common competitive format) and no cards are officially banned. Below you will find some more useful links for each Modern set.

Infinity Gauntlet

Other Formats and Older Sets

In Golden, you can use any of the cards ever printed, aside from the handful specifically banned by Wizkids. There are, of course, a ton of other formats, with varying card pools and ban lists. Check out the following links for more info:

If you’re interested in non-Modern product, check out James’s video for a solid overview:


The Dice Masters Online Discord server

  • a very active #rules-questions thread
  • home to many of the online tournaments
  • spoilers, trades, team brewing and much more

The Dice Masters: Unlimited Facebook group

  • over three thousand members
  • regular contributions from content creators


If you’re new to the game, or just need a little refresher, there are plenty of resources to bring you up to speed:

Content Creators

Dice Masters: United

That’s us! Spug and Ben in the UK, Peter in the Netherlands and James in Slovakia bring you a bunch of stuff:

DM North

“A group of people from various parts of the Great White North (aka Canada), who love the game Dice Masters”.

The Ministry of Dice

“A podcasting dream team” made up of UK DM enthusiasts Chris Williams & Andy England.

Rollin’ Thunder

Arge and Lucan O’Neal (US) “delve into the details of the game of Dice Masters with the hopes of sharing some sublime combos and delivering a boatload of fun”

  • an occasional podcast
  • occasional ‘One Big Weekend’ tournaments
  • a website with a pretty comprehensive links page

Breath Weapon X

UK chaps Alex Dickerson and Rob Pettafor

  • YouTube and Twitch channels
  • occasional ‘Breath Weapon X Fest’ tournaments with interesting prizing: details on their website