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Dice Fight XL 2022 (27th August)

Every summer, we organise a supersized weekend version of our weekly online tournament. This year’s ‘Dice Fight XL’ is on Saturday 27th August and we’re testing out the new Modern meta, in preparation for Worlds and US Nats in September!

1. Time

Time converter at

2. Format

  1. This is a Modern event: the legal sets are Infinity Gauntlet, Dark Phoenix Saga, and Superman Kryptonite Crisis.
  2. Proxies are permitted (see below), but please be considerate to your opponents.
  3. It’s a ‘Red’ event in terms of competitive level (no bans), so gird your loins.
  4. There’ll be 3-5 rounds of best-of-one swiss, depending on numbers.
  5. Rounds will be a maximum of 35 minutes with no turns – if the game goes to time, the winner is the person with highest life. Equal life at time means a tie.

3. Ban List

There is no ban list.

4. Proxies

The usual Dice Fight proxy rules apply. Basically, cards may be proxied freely (as they can be referenced in the teambuilder) and dice should match in stats and energy type (to cause as little confusion as possible). This fantastic tool can help you find the dice you need. If you can’t find a suitable proxy die using the tool above, you may instead use an action die of the correct energy type, with the no burst, single burst and double burst faces representing the levels. Please be considerate towards your opponents in the number of such proxies you use.

5. Rulings

Wizkids have issued some rules clarifications for both Dark Phoenix Saga and Superman Kryptonite Crisis. If you have any other questions about card interactions, I strongly encourage you to get in touch. I’ll consult and, if necessary, post a list of rulings in advance of the tournament.

UPDATE 26/7/22 Wizkids just pushed out a slew of relevant rulings, many of which may be relevant to Dice Fight XL (and Worlds). Please check out the rules forum, and also our summary page for discussion of Master Mold vs Poison Ivy, in particular.

6. Prizing

The main aim of this tournament is simply to test out the new Modern meta and to help people prepare for Worlds and US Nats in September. There is no entry fee and no prizing. UPDATE (20/8/22): and the winner will receive this gorgeous custom mat, designed by Danny O’Donnell, co-organiser of the weekly Dice Fight and producer of the fine video at the top of the page:

7. Sign-up

We’re using the Challonge tournament management website for the registration and pairings in this event. You will need the following information to hand during sign-up:

  • a Challonge ID – you can sign up here:
  • your Discord name – Discord is a chat thingy which is home to a very active and friendly community of Dice Masters players. On the day of the event, all communication will be done through the #dice-fight-xl channel on the Dice Masters Online Discord server. You can sign up here:

Before the event (but not right now), you will also need to submit a team link. Team submissions will be done via the #dice-fight-xl Discord channel, by typing “.submit” followed by a Team Builder link.  The deadline for Team Submission is 24 UPDATE: 5 hours before the tournament begins. This will give me time to make a webpage with all the teams for reference during the tournament.

On the day of the event you will of course need a webcam and the ability to use video conferencing platform like Jitsi or Discord. And your DM stuff 🙂

8. Inspiration

The DM:U crew, with a little help from our friends, have started to explore the new Modern meta: I’ll add more videos here as our practice continues. If you’d like to support DM:U, we’d be very happy if you would consider subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on Facebook or listening to our podcast. Or all three 😀

9. Team Lists

General Nemesis