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Dice Fight XL 2021 (14th August)

Dice Fight is a weekly online Dice Masters tournament, organised every Thursday by our own James Blore. Each summer, we organise a supersized weekend version, and this year’s ‘Dice Fight XL’ is on Saturday 14th August. It’s big, it’s Modern, and Dark Phoenix is more than welcome!

The format is Modern Constructed with no bans and up to two Dark Phoenix proxies. We’re starting at 16:00 Slovak time (see below for your local time) and there’ll be 3-5 rounds of best-of-one swiss, depending on numbers. Rounds will be a maximum of 35 minutes with no turns – if the game goes to time, the winner is the person with highest life. Equal life at time means a tie.

1. Time

Time converter at

2. Team Building Rules

  1. This is a Modern event.
  2. You may use up to 2 proxies from the forthcoming Dark Phoenix set. You can find all the spoiled cards here.
  3. It’s a ‘Red’ event in terms of competitive level, so gird your loins.

3. Ban List

There is no ban list.

4. Proxies

For non-Dark Phoenix proxies, the usual Dice Fight proxy rules apply. Basically, cards may be proxied freely (as they can be referenced in the teambuilder) and dice should match in stats and energy type (to cause as little confusion as possible). The Mighty Hedgehog himself, Peter Ježko, has created this fantastic tool to help you find the dice you need (you can find the original at

You may also use up to two proxies from the Dark Phoenix set spoilers. If you can’t find a suitable proxy die using the tool above, you may instead use an action die of the correct energy type, with the no burst, single burst and double burst faces representing the levels. Check out James’s blog on Infinity Gauntlet proxies for examples. Since these cards are not yet in the team builder, you also need to display your proxy cards on your mat.

5. Rulings

If you have any questions about card interactions, I strongly encourage you to get in touch. I’ll consult and, if necessary, post a list of rulings in advance of the tournament.

6. Prizing

There is no entry fee and no prizing. The aim of this tournament is to have a bit of properly competitive Dice Masters, which we haven’t seen for a good long while, and to try out some cards from the Dark Phoenix set.

7. Inspiration

Here are some videos Ben and James made to help inspire your brewing:

8. Sign-up

If that all sounds good, you just need to sign up! As I said, sign-up is absolutely free – we are just Dice Masters fans who want people to enjoy playing this great game. If you’d like to thank us, we’d be very happy if you considered subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on Facebook or listening to our podcast. Or preferably all three 😀

We’re using the Challonge tournament management website for the registration and pairings in this event. You will need the following information to hand during sign-up:

  • a Challonge ID – you can sign up here:
  • an email address – so we can send you further details
  • your Discord name – Discord is a chat thingy which is home to a very active and friendly community of Dice Masters players. On the day of the event, all communication will be done through the #dice-fight-xl channel on the Dice Masters Online Discord server. You can sign up here:
  • your WIN ID – I plan to enter the results both in Challonge and in Wizkids’ own system as a backup. If you don’t have a WIN ID, you just need to sign up here:

Before the event (but not right now), you will also need to submit a team link, but I’ll send you more information about that by email. On the day of the event you will need a webcam and the ability to use google hangouts; more on that in the email.

Ready to sign up? OK, have at it!

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