DF:XL Team Lists

Last Saturday, our Dice Fight XL tournament saw the first competitive use of the new Infinity Gauntlet set. It’s early days for the meta, and it should be pointed out that Typhoid Mary was banned for being awkward to proxy, so things will obviously change, but I thought I’d do a quick list of the teams for your perusal.



1. Peter

2. Jo

3. Ben

4. Benzino

5. General Nemesis

6. Steve

7. TJ

8. Reiger (aka mPire)

9. Rob

10. Moshpit Medic

11. Nefarious Broadcaster

12. MrMcCat

13. Troy

14. Monkey

You can find all the teambuilder links here

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Danny O'Donnell

Thanks to James and all the DM United crew. It was hugely enjoyable and my first online experience. Anyone thinking about playing online should definitely jump in, it works so well with even just a smart phone. And you won’t find a better bunch to play against.