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DF#64 Single Affiliation (15 Oct)

This Thursday’s Dice Fight is Single Affiliation (in anticipation of next month’s Dice Masters vs Cancer). If you’re new to this, check out the main Dice Fight page for the sign-up instructions and info about proxies. Otherwise, read on for this week’s Team Building rules.


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Team Building Rules

  1. All cards (except BACs) must bear the same affiliation symbol (they may also have others).
  2. The X-Men affiliation is banned and Villains may only be used if they bear a second affiliation (e.g. Brotherhood of Mutants).
  3. Flip cards may be used, as long as they are always on a side showing the chosen affiliation.
  4. Basic Actions must match the IP, and Mystics must use Marvel BACs.
  5. Non-Basic Actions are not permitted.
  6. This is a Golden event in terms of the card pool, so everything not banned is available.
  7. It is an ‘Orange’ event in terms of competitive level. We’re not using the full Orange ban list, as many of those cards are already excluded by the conditions above. But there is a list:

Ban List

  • Half-Elf Bard: Masters Lords’ Alliance
  • Yuan-Ti Pureblood: Epic Humanoid
  • Beholder: Master Aberration
  • Hulk: Green Goliath
  • Black Widow: Tsarina
  • Brainiac: Get Inside your Head
  • Toad: Strange Augmentation
  • Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark
  • Green Lantern: Human
  • Ronin: Between Employers
  • Ronin: Lone Warrior


Please see the main Dice FIght page for details of how to sign up. If you have any trouble at all, don’t hesitate to contact me, either here or in discord (@jacquesblondes).

Team Lists