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DF#40 Modern 2019 (30th April)

I hope you are all keeping well. This Thursday’s Dice Fight is a farewell to Modern 2019 – the 2020 Modern rotation hits this Friday, so we’re taking this opportunity to say goodbye to the existing Modern meta. Please note that Waterdeep, WWE and associated team packs are IN, and Shriek is OUT – see below for more details.

If you’re new to this, check out the main Dice Fight page for the sign-up instructions and general details about proxies. Otherwise, read on for this week’s Team Building rules and submission form (you can also submit directly in Discord).


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Team Building Rules

  1. All cards must be Modern legal, as per the 2019 rotation.
  2. In addition to the sets mentioned in the Wizkids announcement, all subsequent campaign boxes (X-men Forever, Waterdeep, WWE) and their associated team packs are legal. Shriek: Sonic Beam, however, is banned from Modern (as of 20th March).
  3. This is very much a ‘Red’ event in terms of competitive level – bring your best, or at least be ready when others do 🙂

Ban List

  • Cosmic Cube: Energy of the Beyonders
  • Yuan-ti Pureblood: Epic Humanoid
  • Shriek: Sonic Beam


If this form does not display properly, do let us know and we’ll do our best to fix it.

Team Lists