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Format: 5x5x5

Team Building Rules

This format was originally run by DM North in their Team of the Month

  1. You are allowed only 5 cards on your team, plus the normal 2 BACs.
  2. Apart from the BACs, each of your cards must have a cost of five.
  3. Each turn, including the first, you will draw and roll five dice.

Ban List

In addition to any other ban list in place, the following cards are banned:

  • Relentless: Basic Action Card
  • Swords of Revealing Light: Basic Action Card
  • Imprisoned: Basic Action Card
  • The Front Line: Basic Action Card
  • Jerry Lawler, Ringside Announcer: Basic Action Card
  • Mary Shazam: World War III
  • Lilandra: Majestrix
  • Pip the Troll: Contagious Debauchery
  • Becky Lynch: Maiden Ireland
  • Volstagg: The Voluminous
  • Hogun: The Grim
  • Fandral: Path of Cunning
  • The Collector: Taneleer Tivan
  • Weather Wizard™: The Storm is Here
  • Merlyn™: League of Assassins
  • Two-Face: Double Deal
  • Professor X: Trainer
  • Nova: The Human Rocket


Please see the main Dice Fight page for details of how to sign up. If you have any trouble at all, don’t hesitate to contact me, either here or in discord (@jacquesblondes).