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02 Spinning and Rerolling

Welcome to James’s new How To Play ‘The Details’ video series! This second video looks at two very popular activities in Dice Masters: Rerolling and Spinning. Here is a list of all the rules and rulings references in the video (page numbers refer to the X-Men Forever rulebook):

  • “Spin: To turn or rotate a die so that it shows a different face.” (Dice Masters Keywords)
  • “Some [global and character] abilities have you take a die and spin it up or down a level. To do this, check the card and locate the face corresponding to your die’s displayed face to determine its current level. Set the die face up one level or down one level using the character card as a guide” (pg 29)
  • Buff & debuff are maintained
  • “Character dice that are already at their highest level cannot be spun up. Unless specified, a character die cannot spin down from level 1 to a non-character face” (pg 29)
  • “If the die face cannot be in the specified location and its fate is not specified in the card text, move the die to the Reserve Pool” (pg 30)
  • The global on Iceman: Too Cool for Words, which lets you spin any number of your sidekicks to their bolt face, and doesn’t care whether those SKs are in your field or reserve
  • Sidekick fixer ruling
  • Intellect Devourer Erratum
  • Spinning Allies
  • “If a die shows multiple energy, you may “partially” use the die by spinning it down to a single-energy face that reflects the unspent portion. If you have a die with a double generic energy face, you may use one of its energy and keep the other as a “virtual energy” until you pass priority” (pg 12)
  • Spinning down crossover characters: Earth X Origins pre-rulings, June 2020
  • Parallax Erratum
  • “Once an energy die has been partially used like this, it is not eligible to be rerolled by any effects” (pg 12)
  • “When you reroll a die, it remains in the same area it was in unless (a) otherwise specified by the card text for the resulting face, or (b) it’s in a location that the die face cannot be(for example, an energy result in the Field Zone). If the die face cannot be in the specified location and its fate is not specified in the card text,move the die to the Reserve Pool” (pg 29-30)
  • “Rerolling a fielded character die to a different Character face means it remains in the Field Zone on its new face and never “left the Field Zone” (and will therefore not trigger any “when fielded” effects)” (pg 30)
  • Riddler Ruling
  • Tokens: Keywords and also page 31